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Why is my battery spent so fast on the mobile? It's the Mi Band

One of Xiaomi's flagship products in Spain (and in the rest of the world) are its wearables, measuring devices of our activity that are also very cheap. Among them stand out the Xiaomi Mi Band in its various models.

All these devices are managed by an application called My fit which is what allows us to control some parameters of it, configure how it behaves and see in detail many more data such as sleep, steps or our sports activity.

But if in the last few days you are seeing that your mobile phone spends the battery too fast and you don't know why this app may be the culprit.

Mi Fit version 3.5.4 drains the battery

In recent days some people have commented that their cell phones were lowering the battery percentage too fast. All had in common that they had installed version 3.5.4 of the Mi Fit.

This version apparently does not manage the connection with the mobile too well, makes too much use of GPS and ultimately causes the battery to go down too fast. Users have tried to minimize the impact by deactivating both GPS and application location services but it does not seem to be an effective solution, at least not in all cases.

How to solve the problem

The solution, as we read in some forums, is to update the application to a more current version, such as 3.5.5 or higher. The problem is that at the moment in the Play Store we have not found a new version so we must install an APK. You can download the latest version, from November 22, from this link.

The installation is done as with any APK and then we will simply have to restart the mobile, charge it 100% and check that the battery drop is normal, not the excessive one that we have seen with the previous version.