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What is the best Android mobile that I can buy (September 2018)

We review what is the best Android mobile you can buy. In this list we will not discriminate on price, but we will choose the mobiles that we believe are the best terminals you can buy today. They are safe bets with which you will succeed for sure.

Choose a mobile It is not an easy task With so many specifications and analysis. Yes, it is possible to succeed, but sometimes the number of options is so wide that it is difficult to choose the best option.

In this list there are alternatives for all budgets, more or less. We have chosen the mobiles that we consider as options that you can choose almost blindly, ordered from highest to lowest price. There are very good phones in intermediate ranges, but here we consider that it is worth stretching your budget to the next option, or keep the previous one.

The best Android mobile: between Google, Huawei and Samsung

Google Pixel 2 XL

Despite having been presented at the end of last year, and having arrived with several errors, the Google Pixel 2 XL is once again crowned as the mobile we recommend best. After months of intensely testing mobile phones that were better on paper, we have come to the conclusion that the software Keep playing a key role in this mobile.

It is one of the few phones that are already updated to Android 9 Pie, and taking into account that Google is the only Android manufacturer that offers three years of updates, you will receive Android Q and R versions of 2019 and 2020 before anyone else. We believe what already put to spend on a mobile, the longer it lasts the better.

The Pixel 2 XL is still the best Google mobile, but we recommend you wait until October, the Pixel 3 XL will come out.

Your hardware has lagged a bit behind the competition of 2018, but it is not such a crucial difference if we compare with the value offered by the software. And his camera still has a touch on the photographs that make them unique. The screen is still an aspect that seems to be below the competition, but is good enough for you to get used to.

Personally it is the mobile that I have bought, although through eBay offers I have left noticeably cheaper. If you don't mind going through eBay, keep that in mind.

Huawei perfectly understands which are the key pillars where to focus its efforts. Users value performance on their mobile, but the camera, battery and memory should not be left behind either.

The Huawei P20 Pro may not be one of the favorite Android phones due to Emui, a customization layer that moves away from the traditional Android experience in exchange for offering you many functions. In return, we have a spectacular camera, a battery capable of withstanding the toughest days and 128 GB of internal storage. It is impossible to take negative aspects at the key points.

Presented a couple of weeks ago and available to buy from today, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best Samsung mobile ever created to date, and also the most expensive.

A mobile that can boast of benefits, since it has the best screen on the market, the best cameras, and finally a battery at the height of the Galaxy Note. As fundamental aspect has a stylus, which is now more complete than ever by having remote functions via bluetooth. And if what worries you is to have memory, keep an eye on the most powerful version, which comes with 512 GB of internal storage!