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US Police UU. use Boston Dynamics robot dogs

Outside the technological paranoia that science fiction has sown to us, the use of robots by the police is already a reality, at least it is in Massachusetts, United States, where the State Police have used Spot, the quadripod created by Boston Dynamics, in at least two operations.

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According to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, andThe robot was used twice from April 2019 to date, without clarifying whether it was being operated by a human or acted automatically.

Although these robots were recently put up for sale, the Boston Dynamics connection and the Massachusetts police were not given as part of a purchase-sale contract, but because of a situation of influence trafficking. In one of the emails obtained as part of the investigation, dated September 1, 2018, a member of the K-9 division of the state police explains to Lieutenant Robert G. Schumaker: My friend is the security officer of Boston Dynamics and suggested that the R&D team show Spot to law law enforcement to obtain feedback for development and marketing to the law enforcement community. ?

A series of plans, written by Schumaker, can also be read in the emails so that in the future police departments use these robots as an "invaluable component of tactical operations" that are vital to support the "National Security Strategy" of state.

Spot has a rechargeable and replaceable battery that lasts 90 minutes and 360-degree video capabilities, along with many other sensors, can run at a maximum speed of 4.8 kilometers per hour and loads up to 13.6 kilos. He cannot carry weapons (for now), but is able to move objects and even open doors.

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