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Top 7 Duolingo alternatives for better language learning

There are several languages ​​on this planet and learning one, apart from your mother tongue, is an uphill task. But the digital era has made it possible to learn a foreign language simply by spending a small part of your life in front of a computer screen. Oh, the computer screen is now quite old because, thanks to linguistic applications like Duolingo, you can learn the language you want at any time, on your smart phone or tablet. As we mentioned to Duolingo, we must inform you that it has been the most favored and downloaded application in the Android and iOS ecosystems over the years, simply because of its extensive list of available languages ​​and its easy teaching process.

However, users have recently been waiting for more than one application of this genre. The inevitable problems of Duolingo of the repetition of content over time, the lack of availability of some major languages ​​(such as Chinese, for example) and the provision of content for beginners have left people requesting a learning service Application-based languages ​​that can fill these cows. Therefore, we have been thinking about these issues lately and, for the so much, We have compiled a list of 7 commendable alternatives (if not better) from Duolingo for Android and iOS:

1. Memrise

Memrise is a very popular free download application that has an extensive list of more than 100 languages ​​for you to choose and learn. Compared to Duolingo, it provides an apprenticeship to playing style of his desired language in the form of training as an undercover agent, who is about to visit a universe practicing the chosen language. In addition to this strange concept, Memrise presents an advanced level of language teaching with video clips of locals that speak with you, which is certainly a step above the introductory level of Duolingo.

In addition, you can continue to learn your favorite language while losing Internet connectivity, although that requires you to purchase the premium version of the application. However, with more than 100 languages To learn in extremely interesting ways, you surely won't mind spending a reasonable amount, also with incredible offers that sweep your phone's screen quite frequently.

Install: Android, iOS (Free with in-app purchases)

2. Babbel

If you want your digital language coach to have content interactive and structured on the same screen, then you are reading about the appropriate language training application. Babbel is an excellent alternative to Duolingo with high levels of interaction and multiple options for all types of students. Unlike the 18-language collection of Duolingo, it has a slightly smaller collection of 14 languages, not all major ones included. The course content is presented in a structured way, divided into 10-15 minutes of small size lessons, allowing you to better understand the subject. Gets chat style situations, where you must respond in the most natural way. You also learn the cultural meaning of certain words and phrases of your preferred language during the process.

The service also aims to improve your pronunciation by training you to speak perfectly using voice recognition technology. AND, synchronize your progress on multiple devices, making it an excellent language learning application for each situation.

Install: Android, iOS ( Free with purchases within the application)

3. busuu

busuu is for people who want to start with the basics and then move on to levels very advanced of a chosen language, something that Duolingo is not currently providing. The application has a well structured design and is quite interactive in its approach to teach you a new language. The content has been developed by experts and professors, so you can be sure of being in the right hands. You have the opportunity to learn complex vocabulary through simple filling sentences. Not only do you learn vocabulary, but they also receive you with grammar tips, with elaborate examples that help you continue with your new language. In addition, you can also chat with the natives, which helps you better understand the newly chosen language with a local touch. You can also monitor your progress in a detailed report, which also shows your corrections.