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TikTok blocks a user after the viralization of her complaint about China's detention camps

Feroza Aziz, a user of TikTok 17 year old living in New Jersey, denounces the censorship that claims to have suffered from this application of Chinese origin dedicated to short videos. The trigger would have been a peculiar clip that he posted to denounce the internment camps of Muslims in China.

Video It started as an aesthetic tutorial. Her intention, she said herself in the introduction, was to show how to get longer lashes with the help of a curling iron.

"This is another Holocaust, but nobody is talking about it."

However, in the middle of the step by step, the young woman ask viewers to investigate the conditions of Muslims in Chinese concentration camps. Without the audio, nothing will suspect that the video with the appearance of a beauty tutorial would contain a similar critique.

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His account was suspended hours later, although TikTok rejects the accusations

Feroza Aziz

"Then you leave it [the curling iron] and you will use the phone with which you are watching this video to find out what is happening in China, how are the concentration camps in which they throw innocent Muslims, separating them from their families, kidnapping them, raping them, forcing them to eat pork and convert to another religion, "he says in the video." Otherwise, they will be killed. " .

The young woman reiterates this last statement, ensuring that "the people who go to these concentration camps do not return alive," and sentence her complaint. "This is another Holocaust, but nobody is talking about it.", comes to affirm at the end of a publication that in a short time it went viral.

At the same time that a TikTok manager said on television that they did not delete content according to China's wishes, the suspension of Feroza Aziz's account was reported

Hours later, your TikTok account had been suspended. The news was published by The Washington Post At the same time as in the CNBC television network, a company manager said they did not eliminate content based on "the sensitivities of China or other governments."

Since TikTok they have defended and assured CNBC that Feroza Aziz was effectively blocked on the platform, but not for the video that soon began to circulate on other social networks, but for a second video published in a second account previously used For the young woman.

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In this account, published a video in a humorous tone in which for a few seconds a photograph of Osama bin Laden appeared which, according to the representatives of this social network, violates the rules on the promotion of terrorist content. The account from which the police video was broadcast would have been affected, they defend, because he had used it from a telephone linked to that previous admonished account. According to defend, from another device you can use the account normally.