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This is the date and phones of Samsung that update to Android 10

While Android 10 It was launched last September, still many companies are working on the official update for many of their devices in the market, and one of the expected news was from Samsung, which is the company that sells more phones in the world every day from today.

And is that the official account of Samsung Israel has published the calendar of updates of the devices of the firm that will receive One UI 2.0 with Android 10, so next we tell you when and what devices will receive this update.

Update Calendar

January 2020 Galaxy S10e.Galaxy S10.Galaxy S10 + .Galaxy Note 10.Galaxy Note 10 + .Galaxy Note 9.Galaxy A30.
March 2020 Galaxy A80
April 2020 Galaxy S9.Galaxy S9 + Galaxy A7 (2018) .Galaxy A9 (2018) .Galaxy A50.Galaxy A70.Galaxy Tab S6.
May 2020 Galaxy A10.Galaxy A10sGalaxy A20.Galaxy A30s.
June 2020 Galaxy J6.Galaxy A20s.
July 2020 Galaxy J6 + .Galaxy J8.Galaxy Tab S4.Galaxy S5e.
August 2020 Galaxy Tab A10 (2019) .Galaxy A8 (2019).
September 2020 Galaxy Tab A10.5.

Dates may change

While it was logical that the first teams to receive an update were the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, it is likely that some models such as the S9 received the update to the expected Android 10.

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Also, from past experiences we can say that the list is likely to get bigger over the months, as Samsung often adds more devices to the list of updates, and other times it also advances the update dates.

On the other hand, we must not forget that since it is the headquarters in Israel there are several models that are off the list, such as the M family, so it is still necessary to know when they update these models to Android 10 in Mexico and other markets.