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there will be no more service pack updates like the 1909

Unlike all previous versions of Windows 10, the November 2019 Update did not consist of a new major update of features, but rather in a package of performance improvements and quality of life, just like the old Service Packs that only launch Windows.

This fact probably turned it one of the most stable semiannual updates we've had in years, and many of us had the impression that perhaps the Windows 10 model will go to one of major annual updates and a "service pack" in the middle to fine tune the system. Well, it's not like that, or at least there are no plans for it to be that way.

It was a pilot program

Windows 10

During a discussion in Mixer, Microsoft explained that it will no longer use "enabler packages" in the future and will return to its usual agenda of two updates of annual characteristics as until now.

The delivery of the 19H2 feature update through a cumulative update and an enablement package is a pilot program. There is no formal plan to deliver future releases in the same way. We are closely monitoring user opinions and hope to learn from this type of release for our future plans.

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For the less understood, that "enabler package" is basically what you received when Windows Update showed you that the November update was available on your computer, since the system had already downloaded the necessary files through the cumulative updates of May 2019 Update, only that they were in a dormant state.

This is because the update of November 2019 (1909) and that of May 2019 (1903) share the same kernel and set of system files, so this is delivered as any monthly patch, that is, the process both to receive the update and to install it is much faster.

While there are no future plans for another release like this does not mean that they will never return, if it makes it clear that it is not something on the agenda, and remember that even when Microsoft plans something officially does not necessarily mean that it will happen, An example of this was Sets. Without even formal plans, the possibilities are greatly reduced.

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         Windows 10 Service Pack style updates will not be repeated: the stability of November was just an experiment


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