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The screen and the battery its best assets

To be honest, the number of devices that the South Korean company has launched in 2019 is impressive, and the logical thing is that each one had a characteristic that differentiated them between them. In the case of him Galaxy A70 which is the device that binds us today its main difference with others is your screen

And we talk about a 6.7 inch Super AMOLED premium screen, although as it is easy to imagine it is not the only striking feature, it also highlights the triple camera which has on the back of the smartphone (the main sensor has 32 megapixels), 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, in addition to a 4,500 mAh battery, not bad, right?


Galaxy A70Bank for memory and SIM cards

Naturally, when it comes to designing the Galaxy A70 It does not escape to have many similarities with the Galaxy A line launched this 2019 as the Galaxy A50 was, but there is nothing or little to complain about in the design section, on the contrary, we liked it a lot.

There are versions with the back in white, black or light blue. In all of them, there is a reflective layer with that modern ?arcoris effect?. The outer coating looks like glass or glass, but It is a plastic that adheres well to the hands to avoid falls (also if you are one of the people who have accidents with your phone this device will be useful). However, he will not use the Galaxy A70 Without a cover

As for the connectivity section we have good news for the fans of traditional headphones, in this Galaxy A70 The 3.5mm input is available next to the USB-C port, we can also highlight the bank to connect the microSD memory (up to 512 GB), and the two SIM cards (nano-SIM).

This bank was placed on the left side of the phone.


Galaxy A70Samsung Galaxy A70 screen

The screen of Galaxy A70 It may not be as great as the Galaxy Note10 + for example, but in this regard we must emphasize that Samsung knew how to create a screen that meets the demands of its customers, since We have a large Super AMOLED screen and a 20: 9 aspect ratio, some characteristics not negligible.

As for the resolution, then, as we said, it is not negligible (2400 x 1080 Full HD + pixels), we think it is an optimal size to play or watch movies (streaming services is what abounds in Spain, here a good list).

The screen has excellent brightness, and that in fact is one of its points in favor, but on the other hand there is a feature that does not work as well as we expected and is that of the integrated finger reader, when we tried it, it failed frequently or it took too long to read the prints, so a facial unlocking option will be very interesting.

Of course, when updating the Galaxy A70 it shows that it improves a bit the performance in reading the fingerprints, it still failed, but there was a noticeable improvement.


Galaxy A70Samsung Galaxy A70 camera

In the photographic section let's start with the triple camera which is in the back, the upper camera has a depth sensor of 5 MP, the middle one is the main camera that has 32 MP and aperture f / 1.7, and the last one has an 8 MP sensor.

This distribution has an idea, and is that when taking photos have a blurred background, such as portrait mode, the third camera goes into action when it has to cover a wider frame, like a photograph of a landscape.

But if you have to make it clear that the photos you take are not something from the other world, but they are not bad at all, in general, the definition is clear and the noise is very discreet. These parameters only decrease slightly in night shots, but this is what you would expect.

The only problem is that, in an apparent attempt to improve the sharpness of the photo in shaded areas, the HDR (which is enabled by default) can make the image look slightly deviated.