A Huawei with folding screen and 5G: the revolution is in 2019

the revolution is in 2019

If something characterizes Huawei, it is that it is a determined company and that it does not lie before anyone. When Samsung announced that its mobile with folding screen was going to be ready this year, Huawei also spoke of its own. But not happy with it, in addition this mobile will have 5G connectivity

This madness will come true next year, according to Huawei itself. The firm does not want to be left behind in terms of innovation and therefore intends to launch one of the most groundbreaking mobiles of recent times.

A screen that can be folded and 5G connectivity?

A Huawei with folding screen and 5G: the revolution is in 2019

This has been confirmed by the company's president, Ken Hu, who earlier this week confirmed that his first folding device would also have 5G connectivity. This would be double record for the company, since it would be one of the first mobile phones (in general) with a screen that could be folded and its first phone with a 5G network. In the words of Hu himself:

«In our first smartphone (5G) we will present a folding screen», Hu said. He did not reveal any other details about the phone, and focused on the benefits of 5G in the short term on current devices. He also talked about how screens of this type were going to be the future.

What he has said is that the mobile will arrive in mid-2019 It is logical, since we know that Samsung has been developing its Galaxy X for years and years, and therefore it is feasible to arrive earlier. Mobile phones with these types of screens need more battery and more optimal redistribution of the antennas, so that it has 5G makes a lot of sense.

A Huawei with folding screen and 5G: the revolution is in 2019

We do not know if the Galaxy X will have 5G, but Huawei's confirmation makes it clear that that next phone It will be a real revolution. It will be a phone that will not only be foldable, but will also be one of the few that inaugurate 5G networks. A whole technological portent that we already predict will neither be cheap nor accessible to everyone. But time to time, right?