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The Revenge of Shinobi classic can now be downloaded on Android

SEGA, the mythical video game company, brings us another classic from the trunk of memories. You can now play The Revenge of Shinobi on your Android.

Remember that SEGA was releasing its classic games for free? SEGA forever It is an effort that the Japanese company is making to relive old glories of any platform. The idea is that the players can now test them on their mobile and get hooked, something impossible if the games were still in the trunk of memories. And at the moment it is on a very good road.

This SEGA program to revive classics has brought us one of the greats. The Revenge of Shinobi is a game that came out in 1989 in Japan, 1990 in Europe. It was one of the first games that came out for SEGA Genesis at the time, and had a huge reception in the 90s. Since then it has made its appearance in some modern compilations, but now Get free to our smartphones and tablets.

The Legend of Shinobi, a classic for your Android

It is quite simple to play The Revenge of Shinobi: we put ourselves in the role of a ninja and we have to move forward, defeating enemies They try to kill us. For this we can collect different weapons, in addition to life, along the map. The objective is to arrive alive until the end of the tour to advance to the next level.

When we open the game for the first time, and leave the new menus behind, everything loads in a kind of emulator. This emulator places all the buttons we need on the screen, in addition to a classic frame. The controls work well, although you may be missing some response when you press buttons.

The Legend of Shinobi is available for free on Google Play. As with the rest of the games coming from SEGA Forever, we have two options: either play it for free with ads, or pay to get rid of them.