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The projects that mark the future of Google


The projects that mark the future of Google

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November 24, 2012

Ingress Android

Google has grown in recent years at an insane speed. Its expansion has taken directions that in principle were not expected in a company that was known for its search engine. Since the creation of its mail service, through its browser, its involvement or assumption of the Android project, its assault on the mobile content sales market and its passage as a creator of tablets and smartphones have left our mouths open. However, there is much more. We want to talk about the projects that will mark the future of Google.


Ingress Android

The first project we would like to mention is Ingress, a game that uses the augmented reality through mobile devices to build a plot in which a whole community of players will participate. And we talked about him recently in an article because of the fascinating thing about it. The game is in beta and can only be accessed by invitation but we believe it will change the way you understand the game.

Gafas Google

Google Project Glass

This project is awesome. They are glasses that give us all the messaging and calendar information, maps and search engines directly in our eyes. How, you may ask. Well, with some glasses that remind us a little of the radars that the Sayajins wore in Dragon Ball. We leave you a video that illustrates what life would be like with Google Glass.

100.00 Stars Chrome Experiment

In this project information has been turned over about our galaxy and solar system on an interactive map in which we can travel through the stars and know more about them. The map has a tour that explains many things about our solar system. The project is still growing to give more information. Try it, it's a pass.

Google X

The Google X lab is a secret plant in an unknown enclave where scientists from the American company work in the technology research for the future. Their level of secrecy is very high, comparable to that of the CIA and they are responsible for the Google Glass project.

Google as an operator

google operator

There are rumors that Google wants Become an operator and provide fast mobile internet connection at a much lower price than we usually find in all western countries. Recently it was learned that he has been in talks with the cable provider DISH and for now, it could be considered a flirt with the idea, but who knows if they will launch in the future.