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the new special letter of Clash Royale

Battle Healer, the new Clash Royale card

How are you going in season 5 of Clash Royale, have you already unlocked all the rewards? Well, rest assured that there is still time. But get ready because Supercell has presented the New Clash Royale letter to arrive this December 6, 2019, the Battle Healer.

This card is quite special because, although the Curacin spell already exists, Battle Healer heals while attacking. And not only does she heal herself, but also heals all the allied troops around her.

Everything you need to know about Battle Healer

In principle you should know the basics, the Battle Healer is a Special type card. Also cost 4 drops of elixir. This new card adds a new technique to Clash Royale, as there is no card to cure while attacking the opponent.

Battle healer be available on Friday, December 6, 2019 after a small update with balance adjustments prior to the big special update of December 2019.

One thing to note is that it is the First time Supercell shows us how they designed and built the letter. If you are a fan of Clash of Clans, know that there is the Healer, which cures your allies. Well, they relied on it to bring it to the universe of Clash Royale.

Fun fact is that they also showed what were the names on the table for this new letter:

  • Seraphim.
  • Battle Angel.
  • Heavenly.

However, in the end they decided to bet on Battle Healer, which in Spanish be something like the Battle Curator, although there is still no official name in our language.

From Androidphoria we will look forward to this new card, we will test it and so we will make you a list of the 5 best decks of the Battle Healer. Meanwhile, we recommend reviewing what are the 5 best decks of season 5 of Clash Royale.

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