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The most creative Instagram accounts you should follow

The most followed on Instagram, are usually athletes, actors or singers. However, in the social network there are also other artists, from illustrators to photographers, that you should not lose sight of. Here is a selection of the most creative Instagram accounts that you should start following.

The most creative Instagram accounts

Here are some creative Instagram accounts that you should follow right now. It is not a definitive list, be updated periodically, although with these, you have to marvel for a good while.

Zach King

With almost 22 million followers, the videos of this young American (@zachking) are to be seen again and again, since trying to explain how they can trick your mind with all kinds of tricks. King was invited to the 87th edition of the Scar Awards (2015) to show exclusive and fun material during the event.

Rachel Ryle

This illustrator and animator from New York only needs a blank sheet and colors to give life, with her hands, to all kinds of objects and tell incredible stories. His account, @rachelryle, boasts 1 million followers.

Francois Dourlen

Through his iPhone, this French photographer (@francoisdourlen) manages to combine real scenes and animated characters, from Lisa Simpson to Mario, to give them a new meaning. It has 197 thousand followers.

Gergely Duds

Illustrator of books for children, Gergely Duds (@thedudolf) suddenly challenges adults, through their creations, to find a mouse among hundreds of squirrels, or a cat among dozens of bats. It has almost 26 thousand followers.

David Zinn

This visual artist (@davidzinn) also takes advantage of the outside, from the sidewalk to some rocks, to draw all kinds of creatures, from birds to nomos. His Instagram profile is followed by 337 thousand users.

Idalia Candles

Recognized for portraying what the single woman represents in the 21st century, this Mexican illustrator (@idaliacandelas) has creations that are a landing to reality. It is followed by almost 40 thousand users.

People are saying

This account (@lagenteandadiciendo), in Spanish and of Argentine origin, captures phrases spoken by people in public spaces, which stand out for their originality and irony, mainly. About 1.5 million people follow.

Humans of New York

Brandon Stanton is the creator of this project (@humansofny) that seeks to give voice to the great diversity of people that inhabit this city, since in addition to making portraits of them, it also tells part of its history. It has 9.6 million followers.

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