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The Mi Pad 3 is now official: all the information


The Mi Pad 3 is now official: all the information

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April 5, 2017

We had been warning for a while that the launch of the My Pad 3 It seemed at last to be close and, indeed, there has not been much waiting to be able to tell you that it is already official, not even at the presentation of Mi 6, as it was thought to happen. His sudden debut, in any case, is not the only surprise that the tablet of Xiaomi.


The interesting thing is that the surprises do not come from that Xiaomi has taken a radical turn with the new generation of its tablet, but was expected to do so and has not been so. In the end, it seems that the My Pad 3 it leaves us more an evolution than a revolution and this can be appreciated starting with its physical aspect.

Not only has it not reached 10 inches, something that most leaks pointed to, but there is also nothing in its lines that distinguishes it too much from its predecessor. It is true that, apparently, the metal housing It is now a new lighter and stronger alloy, but the change is not much appreciated at first sight and the dimensions are practically the same. An important detail is that we will have a port USB type C.

Technical specifications

Nor in the technical specifications section we have at the moment any revolutionary change, although it must be said that there is an interesting evolution in some sections. The first thing to say is that, without ruling out that there may be news later of the ?pro? version with Windows that has been talked about so much, the one we have known today is still betting on Android, with MIUI 8.

My Pad 3 and My Pad 3 Pro: these will be the differences

My Pad 3 and My Pad 3 Pro: these will be the differences

We have already said that the screen has not grown, it is still of 7.9 inch, and also maintains the resolution 2048 x 1536 usual in high-end tablets of this size. Where there is a significant improvement is in regards to RAM, which is now 4GB, and to the internal memory, which reaches the 64 GB, something to be thankful for lacking a micro-SD card slot.

There is also good news in the cameras section, although they are certainly not the most important: the front is still of 5 MPbut the back is of 13 MP, like that of the iPad Pro. More important is that the battery has significantly increased capacity, reaching 6600 mAh, which gives something more value to the fact that its thickness has not increased.