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The founder of Telegram against his maximum rival: you must delete WhatsApp

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The biggest alternative to WhatsApp has always been Telegram, a messenger app that has always been a step ahead in terms of functions but has never managed to unseat WhatsApp from the first position. The rivalry between both platforms is remarkable and now the founder of Telegram has lashed out at the Facebook app for its limited privacy.

It is clear that WhatsApp is not the safest messenger application in the world, however it has made quite a lot of progress in recent years and message encryption seems to work quite well. However as just commented Pavel Durov, CEO of Telegram, has criticized the rival messenger service Due to the constant security failures he has suffered and which, according to him, seriously endanger his users.

?WhatsApp never be safe

Pavel Durov has always been quite skeptical about WhatsApp security, but his new words are based on a WhatsApp security error which we talked about a few days ago. Recently cybersecurity experts found a serious security flaw in the most used messenger app in the world that allows hackers to have access to messages from those users who had received an infected video.

WhatsApp on iPhone

Durov has issued a tough statement against WhatsApp in which he says that ?WhatsApp not only does not protect your WhatsApp messages: this application is constantly used as a Trojan horse to spy on your photos and messages that are not from WhatsApp. ? Also Facebook page as the main culprit mentioning the words of the founder of WhatsApp itself regarding the sale of WhatsApp to Facebook: ?Sell the privacy of my users?.

We will never know if WhatsApp, or any other application, is 100% reliable, however it has always been said that Telegram is much safer than WhatsApp. Despite this, the vast majority of users still do not want to make the leap and it seems that WhatsApp remains the most used messenger app, despite not being the most secure.