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The Cube iWork 3X arrives with the Surface Pro 4 screen for less than 300 euros


The Cube iWork 3X arrives with the Surface Pro 4 screen for less than 300 euros

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April 6, 2017

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Only a few days ago we told you that we could find the last one professional tablet with Windows from Teclast in Spain for less than 300 euros, and we can talk about a new alternative just as interesting as Cube that is going to move in a similar price range, with the great claim this time to offer a spectacular screen, with the same characteristics as that of the Surface Pro 4.

A new alternative to the Surface Pro 4

That Cube iWork 3X is inspired by the tablet of Microsoft Not only does it show that they boast an identical screen to theirs, but it is also clearly visible in the design, except that the commitment to white inevitably gives Apple some flavor. However, the lines of the device and especially the back support that allows us to use it comfortably on a table without having the keyboard attached, invite us to think mainly about the Surface.

Although not essential, the keyboard will be, of course, a accessory fundamental and in practically all the images that we have been able to see until the moment of the new tablet of Cube appears. You know that, however, this does not mean that it comes included and for its price, as we will see, it most likely does not. We do not know, on the other hand, if there will also be a stylus, set to resemble Microsoft tablets.

The screen is the protagonist

As we said, Cube has put all the emphasis with this new tablet that comes with the screen of the Surface Pro 4 and, of course, in terms of technical specifications, this is where we find the brightest figures, with 12.3 inch and a resolution of 2736 x 1824, something simply impressive for a tablet of this price.

In other sections, we are already more than expected, although we should perhaps recognize that at some points it is a little above average, with processor Intel Apollo Lake (N3450 at 2.2 GHz), 6 GB of RAM 128 GB Internal memory (expandable via micro-SD), battery 8500 mAh and a single camera of 2 MP on the front, thinking mostly of video calls.

It launches for less than 300 euros

As always with the professional tablets that come to us from China, all these features impress us more when we put them in relation to the price of the device, which this time is 1999 yuan, which translates into about 270 euros. We do not have a specific launch date yet, so we may have to wait a bit to know how much exactly we are going to be able to do with it in our country.

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