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The best weather applications for Spain

We love knowing how long it will be; and we are often so lazy that we do not even look out the window since it is enough to consult any application of the weather to discover the weather. Well, these apps not only show the weather, they also report the short-term forecast in addition to offering other data, such as radars, widgets or rain alerts.

In general, all weather apps have sufficient accuracy as data providers with weather centers around the world are behind. Although yes, if you want specific information from Spain applications that use data from a global provider are not always as faithful.

Imagine that you want to check the most accurate weather information in a city or town in Spain. You may have your favorite application, the one that already offers you all the details, but we have selected the ones that best adapt to Spanish territory so you get the most accurate and truthful information. This is our selection.

The time is

It is our favorite and that of millions of Spaniards: The time is It offers reliable, very accurate and segmented meteorological information even by very specific villages. This means that consulting the weather is not only an entertaining experience, but also extremely truthful.

The time is It is a free application that, in return, offers ads (maybe too many) while viewing all options. For us it is number one and that we usually recommend to those who are only going to check the weather in Spain.

AEMET weather

AEMET weather

The official time application of the Meteorology Statal Agency, this is your best presentation. It works quite well and offers accurate data for the Spanish territory with weather forecast, warnings, radar images … AND widgets, which are also important to see the time at a glance.

AEMET It is an application of the time indicated for Spain that, however, does not finish going as well as it should on Android. You also need some interface improvements, for example. Even so, it is still highly recommended, especially since lacks in-app ads and purchases.

Weather Weather

The best weather applications for Spain

This is our third preferred application when it comes to check the weather in Spain. It itself uses the databases of AEMET, so it is just as reliable (or contains the same errors in the forecast) as the official app of the meteorological agency. Although yes, with a much more pleasant visual format and a distribution of the most appropriate interface to jump between the different sections of the information.

The only downside of Weather Weather It includes a lower advertising banner that cannot be removed with micropayments. It also does not include widgets, but the developer has created a specific application for it.

Extra: check the weather without any application

The best weather applications for Spain