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The Air Display App for iPad Updates with News

Air display, the application that allows you to put your desktop Windows or Mac on the screen of your iPad, the Retina Display screen of the New iPad is updated and supported. It also corrects some aesthetic problems.

IPad Air Display – Update

The Air Display app is updated and significantly improves the rate and latency of frames. They have also improved the initial connection with the Mac, now it is much faster.

The application is also updated to correct several errors. The virtual key combinations generated double-click events on the New iPad. Modifier keys with touch events were not sent, (maysculas, control?) or sometimes the first frame was not drawn.

Here is the video of the Air Display application for iPad:

Air display

It is an iPad application that allows you multiple options, from video playback in any format that your computer plays, using flash on the iPad, as well as the use you can give to a second monitor.