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That Twitter is going to eliminate inactive user accounts means that we must say goodbye to the tweets of deceased people

That Twitter is going to eliminate inactive user accounts means that we must say goodbye to the tweets of deceased people

Twitter is a social network that already has more than 13 years between us and has millions of users worldwide. That means that if you now want to open an account, it is quite likely that the username you choose is busy.

The platform seems to want end inactive users, releasing those usernames so they can be used by people who are really going to use them.

A few hours ago we met that They are sending emails asking users to login and accept the Terms and the privacy policy if you don't want to "lose access" to this account.

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As we see, in the mail they are sending, they give a fairly short term (a couple of weeks). What is not confirmed is whether they release these usernames (or within what time frame) once they have been deleted. We have contacted Twitter and will update this note if we have more information about it.

Twitter already allows you to activate authentication in two phases without using a phone number

See disappear accounts of family and friends

Drew Olanoff, a TechCrunch editor, published a few hours ago an article that bears a title "You can take my father's tweets over my body". As you can intuit, Olanoff is worried about what happens with the profile of his father, who has passed away.

When Olanoff saw the news from Twitter, At first I thought it was a good idea to end the inactive accounts, until I saw a tweet published by Dave Lee (journalist at the BBC):

As we see, Lee says that Twitter delete the account of "anyone who has died six months ago". When he saw this, Olanoff says that "his heart sank and he began to cry."

"I hadn't thought about that. It's a big problem."

It is something that many of us have not yet faced. Social networks have become an extension of our lives, in which we connect (publicly or privately) with other people, or with the world in general.

Everything you have published is frozen in time, and can be consulted later, something that can have both positive and negative connotations.

Linus Torvalds hates social networks and believes they are a disease that encourages bad behavior

Most of us do not know the access passwords of our family and friends

Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not offer an option that turns the account into a "memorial", freezing the profile and deactivating any interaction (a measure that seeks to prevent any type of abuse).

Also most of us surely do not know the passwords of our family and friends, so we will not be able to access these accounts and prevent them from being eliminated due to lack of activity.