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Steve Jobs left us this funny moment there by 2005

Steve Jobs riendo

Steve Jobs laughing

Everyone knows that Steve Jobs has left us incredible moments recorded for later, and one of them has particularly come to light on the Reddit portal this week. In the video in question we see Jobs in 2005, demonstrating on a stage of a new update for those then young podcasts.

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Jobs chooses a random podcast to play on the Mac where he is doing the demonstration and ends with one of The Daily Source Code. At the beginning of the podcast, you can or as the announcer for and says “It's Friday at last, thank God. In fact I had to restart the show like 3 times, my Mac was acting like a *** ".

Jobs fits it with a good laugh.

Surely Steve Jobs never forgot that moment, and that is Of all the podcasts he could choose, he had to find the one that least benefited him. Far from feeling annoyed with this, the little Apple CEO fits him with a good laugh and continues his speech. Not being alien to what happened but not feeling uncomfortable about it, all very much in line.

Steve Jobs fits the blow and lets out a laugh before continuing normally.

The failures of the live.

Far away are 2005 and circumstances like this, in which something was not calculated when an Apple member climbs on stage. Today Apple's Keynote congregate millions of users to see the new news of the company, moments that do not escape the slightest error and in which everything is calculated thoroughly. We will remember this as another one of those moments that Steve Jobs left us for eternity and with which we can delight in spite of the passing of the years.