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Sony may be working on a phone that rolls up

samsung phone galaxy roll flexible roll up screen scroll parchmentWith the arrival of the Motorola Razr, the Samsung Galaxy Fold and similar ones, there is no doubt that folding phones have been the trend of 2019. They have even hovered rumors of devices with several screens that look like the pages of a book. But, can you imagine if you could roll up your phone and store it in your backpack? That is precisely what seems to be in Sony's plans: the company may be developing a mobile whose screen is flexible and roll-up.

Although there is no official confirmation, a well-known source of technological rumors, AllAboutSamsung. He says he has genuine information about the prototypes of a roll-up phone Sony will be working on. According to the report, the smartphone will be high-end and will have a set of the latest Snapdragon chips, in addition to powerful cameras with 10x Zoom and LG screen. In addition, even being compatible with 5G technology thanks to a Qualcomm X50 modem.

However, it should be taken into account that these are only rumors and there is no other reliable information about this supposed device, so we will keep you informed as news is presented.

This is not the first time you play with the idea of ??a phone with a roller screen or Sony is the only company that will be working on this type of project. Patents discovered earlier revealed a concept for a Samsung smart phone with a flexible screen that can be rolled up. Appropriately called Galaxy Roll, it could be Samsung's next odd device.

The patents, which are available at the World Intellectual Property Organization (known by its acronym WIPO), show a vastly different device from the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Instead of being displayed on a larger screen the size of a tablet, the Galaxy Roll screen will extend upward on rollers, increasing the aspect ratio and creating a much longer screen.

Whether from Samsung, Sony or any other company, the concept is certainly possible, as was demonstrated by the Magic Scroll tablet, which is rolled up like a scroll. Although it is unlikely that this strange design will be reflected in a product that arrives on the market soon, we will keep you informed if that happens.

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