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Professor Layton's new Android game is at console level

Layton returns to Android with a console game completely adapted to mobile devices. Layton's Mysterious Journey is wonderful.

Those who love caring puzzle games with love under an atmosphere of anime that have made sure Professor Layton An essential saga in their lives. This saga has several deliveries on Nintendo laptops, also an approach to Android devices in the form of a freemium game. Well, there is not just one, which comes the title that really moves the Layton spirit to smartphones.

Layton's Mysterious Journey It is a complete game and with all the quality of the titles of Professor Layton on console. It is adapted to mobile screens including an immense amount of available puzzles. In addition to the animations, which can not be missing in a Layton game. There is not a single catch in the game except for the price. It is expensive, yes, but cheaper than in a console.

Layton's Mysterious Journey, a new story with a female protagonist

Android takes console with Layton's Mysterious Journey, a great game

The game revolves around detective patterns with the resolution of puzzles as constant mechanics. These puzzles will jump as history is revealed; which will be introduced by exquisite animation sequences and with very high quality. This is the predominant note in Layton's Mysterious Journey: at all times it gives the impression of be developed for portable console.

It is not that Professor Layton's games should be played exclusively on portable consoles since style and interface have always been tactile. Hence, in this game for smartphones there is no disadvantage with respect to the previous titles. AND we will have daily puzzles to download, so the hours of play will be extended as long as LEVEL-5 continues to update it.

Android takes console with Layton's Mysterious Journey, a great game

Layton's Mysterious Journey is a complete game that is paid at once with a € 17.99 credit. It hurts, yes, but the quality is at the level of its price. Yes, you have in-app purchases, something that is not received. It does not influence the main plot since they are clothing with extra puzzles, but they do not stop stinging after having released almost 20 euros.

You can now download the new Layton mobile game

You have it available in the Google Play Store at a price of 17.99 euros. Does not include advertising, it would only be missing, although in-app purchases that do not influence the development of the game LEVEL-5 ensures that it will be updated daily to include new puzzles.