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Open two applications at once and improve multitasking with this app

Brands are implementing improvements in Android that add to their custom layers; and, with the evolution of the system, Google is introducing as official Many of those improvements. Small details that save a lot of time, such as the option of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Start two apps at once on split screen or multitasking. This is not going to be on Android in the short term, but there is a simple application that achieves magic.

Split-Screen Creator it is inspired by the option of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to take it to most phones with Android 7 Nougat and higher. It is configured in a moment, has no strange permissions other than accessibility and works very well for the task entrusted to it. Do you want to try it?

Create your own application packs to start them on split screen with Split-Screen Creator

Open two applications at once and improve multitasking

As we said, the app is very simple to configure, also to customize the different double accesses in multitasking. The operation is simple: click on an already created shortcut and Split-Screen Creator will open both applications in split screen or multitasking. This is very useful if you use two apps simultaneously, such as Twitter and WhatsApp, for example.

Open two applications at once and improve multitasking

The process to create a new duo of split screen applications is as follows:

  • Once installed Split-Screen Creator, and after giving you accessibility permission from the application screen, exit to the desktop.
  • Press and hold on the screen and choose to add a new widget.
  • Search for Split-Screen Creator among the list of installed widgets and add the second option (New Split-Screen).
  • Click on «Tap to pick app»And choose the two applications that will open at the same time.
  • Name your widget and accept.

Open two applications at once and improve multitasking

The newly created widget will remain on your desktop so you can launch both chosen apps at the same time. You can create as many duos as you want to fit your needs. Different browsers, two social networks that start at the same time, two messaging apps … You decide.

The application works very well, but it could cause problems on your phone

Since the split screen or multitasking does not work equally well on all smartphones, and It is also not suitable for all applications, it could be the case that Split-Screen Creator did not execute as it should the two selected apps. In principle, and whenever you have Android 7 Nougat or higher, it should work. We have been testing on mobile phones with Android 9 Pie and Android 8 oreo and the execution of the split screen has been instantaneous and hassle free.

Split-Screen Creator It is a free app with a small advertising banner on its configuration screen. In addition, you can add extra options if you unlock the in-app purchase of 0.99 euros. Of course, it works great without spending any money.