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Offers for Black Friday to buy large capacity external batteries

An accessory that has become indispensable when leaving home, apart from the smartphone charger, is to carry a external battery which allows you to get out of the way if at any time you run out of charge on your mobile devices. We show several that offer a superior load of 20,000 mAh and that can be achieved with large offers.

All the models we have chosen are an excellent travel companion since, for example, with them it is possible to charge a high-end smartphone without the slightest problem. In addition, its usefulness is beyond doubt since they are included protection technologies against power surges and also have more than one output port, so they allow you to recharge several products at once – which, surely, is excellent news for your friends.

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External batteries on offer for Black Friday

Then, we leave each of the devices that for quality and options offered we believe it is worth to be reviewed since it is sure that one is worthwhile and allows you to save a good amount of euros that is what it is about in the Black Friday Week that is being celebrated in Amazon. This is the selection we have made and its corresponding links:

POWERADD Pilot Pro 4

A model that arrives with an internal load of 26,800 mAh, so its utility is beyond doubt (to which it adds that it has no less than five USB outputs, so it is in this case among the best there is in the market). Its compatibility is excellent and although it is not a very small model, it weighs less than 800 grams.

POWERADD Pilot Pro 4 external battery

Anker PowerCore

This is a model that has an attractive design since it is even possible to achieve it in several colors. With a load of 20,100 mAh, it does not lack the use of several LEDs of information and, in what it has to do with the number of output ports the included ones are two and the type is USB A. A recommended external battery.

Anker PowerCore external battery

AUKEY External Battery

A model of compact lines but very squared (which, really, allows it to fit well in the backpacks pockets). It has a pair of USB Type A ports and, in addition, it does not lack a type C. The charge that this accessory has is 20,000 mAh, enough to be a good option even for tablets.

AUKEY External Battery

RAVPower Power Bank

With the same charge as the previous external battery, this model is quite small for the high amperage it has (18.7 x 14.2 x 2.8 cm). It integrates a pair of USB Type A ports and there is no lack of information LEDs that let you know exactly the amount of charge inside.

RAVPower Power Bank external battery

GDRE Power Bank

No less than 25,000 mAh is what this model offers that has a detail that makes it special: it includes a flashlight that can be quite useful in some situations. With two USB Type A output ports, this is an external battery that is interesting and should be taken into account as it perfectly fulfills its function.

GDRE Power Bank external battery

Gnceei External Battery

Gnceei External Battery