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Nike and Apple offer a unique benefit to Apple Card users.

Apple and Nike logos

The relationship between Nike and Apple is very good and it is well known that you are in constant contact to see how far you can get with this. Well now Apple Card users can have a benefit additional if they make purchases in Nike.

Nike and Apple

The company Nike has subscribed to the group of partners of Apple and its Apple Card, growing more and more and surpassing PayPal. Because of this Nike offers the offer or benefit of making them the refund 3% in cash to customers using their Apple credit card.

At the moment Uber, T-Mobile, Walgreens and Apple are the companies of renown that offer this type of benefit to users who already have their Apple Card. The return rate may to vary, but they are 1% on purchases with the titanium card physics, of 2% using Apple Pay and 3% for purchases of hardware and services from Apple.

Since a few years ago Apple and Nike have been working together, from the creation of Apple Watch models and straps, to some previous offers.

iPhone next to Apple Card


At the moment this benefit is only available for United States stores, but the Cupertino company has already said that this Apple Pay support for Nike is expand soon, so it should not take long to reach the other countries that have the coverage for this credit card.

The participating stores They are: the Nike online store, SNKRS, Nike Running Club and the Nike app.

Even though Apple mentions that the list of these partner and external companies that offer cash back can change anytime, no company He has abandoned it since the release of this program and the Apple Card.

This reimbursement plan is very attractive and add other features such as buying an iPhone in interest-free monthly payments with the Apple Card make Apple's credit card take a lot force In a very competitive market.