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MathBoard iPad, the App to Learn Mathematics is Updated

The application MathBoard for iPad is updated to resolve errors. With this great iPad app you can teach math to the smallest of the house. For all ages, from learning to perfecting. With this App it is possible to put an exam to the children weekly so that they do not forget the elementary operations in a very funny way.

MathBoard iPad

MathBoard generate random math problems for you to solve them. The accounts can be divided into: addition, subtraction, multiplication, square and cube, square roots …, depending on the degree of difficulty.

The application also allows us to use negative numbers, with a range from -9999 to 9999.

You can customize Mathboard to your liking. You can also create exams with a time limit and with different amounts of questions, from 10 to 250.

This educational app from the App Store gives you the possibility to make your accounts, in a small screen, before answering the test question of the problem.

Here is the video for MathBoard for iPad:


It is a very fun application also for the elderly, it makes your mind faster, and it is also very educational for children. Learning mathematics from the iPad is much more fun than with paper problems, especially with an interface as cool as this digital whiteboard.