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Making underwater photos be easy with the Huawei Mate 20

In a few weeks the Huawei Mate 20, a terminal that will be accompanied by at least one older brother, the Mate 20 Pro, and it is possible that more models.

Meanwhile the leaks continue to happen and this time they focus on the capabilities that your camera will have, thanks to documents extracted from EMUI 9, the version of the Huawei interface that you will use as standard.

Thus, several shooting modes have been seen that point to new camera capabilities, although some may be confusing.

Shooting underwater

One of the modes is called "Underwater Mode", literally Underwater Mode, but does not imply that we can submerge the terminal to take pictures. So what is it for?

If you have ever used one of those bags in the form of a bag to take the phone to the beach or the pool and not fear that it gets wet you will have realized that it is complicated to use the touch screen, since there is a plastic in between .

It is precisely in that that they have focused on Huawei to modify the way of taking photos in this mode. When activated, we can press the volume down key to take a picture, the volume up to record a video and the shot to turn the camera on or off. If we press the latter we will exit the interface of this app.

Although it is still possible that Huawei dares to create a terminal that we can immerse, like some of its competitors, the reality is that this mode is also designed for previous models. This explains that the image of the interface is that of a mobile in one of those cases that we have mentioned before.

Cinema with artificial intelligence

In the presentation of the Kirin 980 Huawei presumed that its Dual NPU could bring artificial intelligence to video recording.

That is what AI Cinema mode offers, which will allow real-time filters to be applied to our recordings, as we see in this image:

We can opt for an AI color mode, a background blur, a light mode, another outdated or vintage mode and another called Suspense.

Smart zoom

Another of the novelties that will be implemented will be the one that allows us to make a video recording having a permanently focused object. For this, the smart zoom will be used, which will crop the image and modify the focus so that the shot is not offset. It occurs to us that it is a great way to record children playing or pets.

Blur video

The last of the modes discovered is the Video Bokeh. Thanks to him we can record shots in which the background is out of focus, as we do with the portrait mode in the videos.