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MacOS Mojave Public Beta is here, but should you download it?

MacOS Mojave Public Beta is here, but should you download it?

After announcing it during WWDC 2018 earlier this month, and launching a Developer Beta that same day, Apple has now made the latest version of its desktop operating system, macOS 10.14 Mojave, available for download as a Public Beta for anyone Want to try it.

Now, macOS Mojave is not another 'under the cap' update like macOS High Sierra Last year (and fortunately, it has a better name than macOS High Sierra), in fact, it brings many new features to Apple's desktop and laptop line. However, while the public beta version is available for anyone to download without the need for a $ 99 / year developer account, is it really something you should download on your MacBook or iMac? Well, let me list my experience with Apple's latest desktop operating system so far.

MacOS Mojave Public Beta – The Good

Since I have memory (except last year with High Sierra), every macOS update has brought a lot of new features to the proverbial table, and this year seems to be the biggest update of recent memory.

Boot time

From the beginning, the time of boot on macOS Mojave is amazing . MacBooks have always been incredibly fast to start, especially since Apple switched to those fast SSDs, but macOS Mojave has done it faster. So much so, that it basically doesn't feel like I'm starting at all, and I love that.

New features … everywhere!

There are a lot of new features in macOS Mojave, the most visible among them is the dark mode (Thanks, Apple!), The Incredibles dynamic wallpapers which look impressive (especially the one seen at night), desk batteries which, at least for me, are a blessing, and much more.

Apple has also made Quick Look much more useful, and can handle basic dialing there without having to open Preview, which means that I basically no longer open the Preview. It can even allow you to trim videos without having to open them first in QuickTime. It's a ridiculously good time saver that I can't live without now.

There are also a lot of other features, and we have covered them in a dedicated article, so you should definitely go and check it out.

Bragging rights

I mean, come on, being in the last version of macOS give you many rights.

  • Your colleague is opening a video in QuickTime to trim it? You can do it in Quick Look. It is literally just a space bar away.
  • The dark mode will make almost everyone feel envious, including Windows users because that dark mode can be decent, but it's not as impressive as MacOS Mojave.
  • You will have already logged in to your laptop when your colleague starts your laptop.
  • You can tell everyone how is the latest and best version of macOS ever created.
  • You will never have to worry about a messy desk because desk batteries will save you every time, effortlessly.

Desktop batteries are like magic for your desktop

There is much more to show off in MacOS Mojave, and besides that, it is quite stable when it comes to beta versions.