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Keyboard for the official iPad on offer for Amazon Black Friday

Yes, Black Friday is in full swing. We are constantly receiving all kinds of offers that allow us to buy a wide variety of technological products at scandal prices. The most common is that the company based in Cupertino does not participate in this type of event. Apple products have a marked price and do not usually vary. Or yes? More than anything because now we can buy the keyboard for the official iPad at a price of laughter.

Let's be clear: you like the brand in s, you have to say that in the tablet market, Apple reigns with an iron fist. Yes, we have really remarkable alternatives, we already gave you our opinion after making a complete analysis of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, the best alternative to the iPad. But the solutions of the American manufacturer are still a true wonder.

IPad Keyboard

Yes, the keyboard for the iPad is vital if you want to get the most out of it

Maybe you think you will never write with your tablet, and therefore you will not need any keyboard for the iPad. But, nothing is further from reality. Once you try how well it works you will realize that it is an essential accessory for this device. Also, how good is the Apple Smart Keyboard, is that it not only works as a keyboard.

Keyboard for iPad side

As you can see in the image that tops these lines, this keyboard for the official iPad It also works as a music stand. In this way, you will be able to see any multimedia content in a much more comfortable way. Ideal to get the most out of the screen of this device. In addition, another of the benefits of the company's official devices, is that its linking process is extremely simple: you just have to bring it to your iPad to start working.

And its cover mode hardly occupies space, so you should not worry about the volume of the Apple Smart Keyboard. And, taking into account that, thanks to the 39 percent discount, you can get this interesting keyboard for the iPad por less than 110 euros, It is one of the best bargains of Amazon Black Friday.

As we have told you, Manzana He is not very keen to participate in Black Friday, so you cannot find other offers from the American firm. But, if you are looking for an iPad keyboard that is as economical as possible, we have found a couple of offers that you will like very much. For starters, for less than 20 euros you have a keyboard fully compatible with the Apple tablet.

Do you prefer an Apple Smart Keyboard clone? You have to keep in mind that its functionality is a bit more limited (especially when pairing it with your tablet is not so simple), but we recommend this iPad keyboard from the manufacturer Baibao. We talk about a case with built-in keyboard that allows you to squeeze the maximum productivity options of the tablet from the manufacturer of the Apple Bite. The best? That does not exceed 37 euros.