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Key Lime Pie getting closer


Key Lime Pie getting closer

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November 26, 2012

Key Pie Lime LG

Although very little time has passed since we received the last update of Android, rumors about his next version do not stop coming, one way or another. According to the latest information there is already a device LG whose technical specifications are listed that your operating system will be Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Not long ago we have Android 4.2 between us, since November 13, when the last members of the Nexus family went on sale, but news about a Android 5.0. Although it may seem quite premature, the truth is that, after all, the latest version of Android it can be considered a minor update that, in fact, did not deserve to be called 5.0, so it is not crazy to think that Google Don't extend your life too much.

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

We still do not know at the moment, in any case, what will be the new characteristics what Key Lime Pie would incorporate and, although it is not speculated yet with dates concrete for its appearance, it seems that its launch should not be too far. We already informed you a few days ago about leaks that would reveal performance tests on a device Sony that works with Android 5.0. Now the news comes from the filtration of the technical specifications of the next generation of phablet from LG Optimus G, which will be launched in the near future (despite how recent the current generation of the device is still), and which would include the future version of Android Key Lime Pie, as reported by Android Authority.

Some media point to 2013 as the date on which the LG Optimus G2 I would see the light, which is also not a very risky bet, just over a month after the end of the year. Most likely, it seems, it appeared around May next year. We must think, however, that unless this phablet was intended to be a new device Nexus (and of this there is no news so far), it would not be normal to have the new version of Android from the beginning, unless it had been launched quite earlier, so it seems that its publication should take place in the relatively near future.