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It's time to watch the best Thanksgiving series and movies

There may not be the same number of Thanksgiving shows and movies that are there for Halloween or Christmas, but if you know where to look, you will find some treasures for this party. Some of the classic films are only available for rent (this is how they catch you) but with a subscription to one of the many services of streaming that exist, including Disney +, there are quite a few great TV episodes that you can watch. Here we compile the essentials so that you go putting in festive atmosphere.


Friends,The One with All the Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving movies

Friends of Friends they have a long and complicated history, and this episode explores their past interwoven through a series of flashbacks to previous Thanksgiving celebrations, showing how they have changed over the years. It is also an important episode in the development of Monica and Chandler's relationship, with one of the most memorable endings of the entire series.

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Friends,The One with Chandler in the Box

Thanksgiving Friends Chandler in a Box 720x720 movies

Friends It is one of the few programs that never let a Thanksgiving day go by, so it was inevitable to add another classic selection from the series here. Who could forget the indiscretion of Chandler that drives him to lock himself in a box to recover the love of his fellow planer, Joey?

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South Park,Helen Keller! The Musical

Thanksgiving South Park 720x720 movies

The golden brown of South Park He gave us one of the best Thanksgiving episodes in the history of TV, in which South Park Elementary kids are preparing to set up an interpretation of Hellen Keller's story for the school's Thanksgiving show. When Butters tells them that he heard the work of knder's children and that he was incredible, the fourth-year-old boys decide to throw the house out of the window. Turning the play into a musical is just the first of many ridiculous ideas.

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The West Wing,Shibboleth

thanksgiving movies west wing shibboleth2 720x720

Life in the White House is never quiet, even during the holidays. While President Jed Bartlet prepares for the annual pardon of a turkey, a container full of refugees arrives on the coast of California. The refugees claim to be persecuted Christians seeking asylum from the Chinese government, causing an international crisis. Bartlet must represent the cheerful president of the United States while navigating the country's precarious relationship with China. It includes an inspiring speech about the American dream.

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Bobs Burgers,Turkey in a Can

Thanksgiving movies bobs burgers turkey in can 2 720x720

This episode is somewhat emotional, because as it progresses it gets more and more in a familiar and cursilera tone, but still gives us enough moments of hilarity. Bob's dialogue with the type of cold meat in the supermarket is the most ingenious that the series has offered. If you haven't seen it, get ready for a bite that will stay with you longer than the dinner turkey.

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Bobs Burgers,An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal

Thanksgiving Bobs Burgers 720x720

That's right: there are also two episodes of Bobs Burgers on the list, but that's because, just like Friends, this program has multiple Thanksgiving specials and all are very good. Thanksgiving is usually a family affair, but what if you have no family? You rent someone else's, of course. That's what Bob's landlord, Mr. Fischoeder (Kevin Kline) does in this special episode, offering five months of free rent to Bob's family if they pretend to be his family so he can make an old girlfriend jealous. Just Linda's Thanksgiving song makes it worth it.

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Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia,The Gang Squashes Their Beefs

thanksgiving movies always sunny 720x720

For almost everyone, Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks. For the characters of Always SunnyIt is a time to reflect on how horrible they have been throughout the years. After some old rivals hinder their Thanksgiving plans, Dennis, Mac, Dee, Charlie and Frank realize they have too many enemies and decide to make peace.