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Iris App, the Best Instagram Client for iPad

Iris App allows you to be up to date with your network Instagram on the iPad You can enjoy with its interface, it is simple and easy to handle. With very easy gestures you can get a lot of information about the photographs, when they were made, where, the people who follow them, etc. You're a instagrammer?

Iris App iPad

Iris App has a fantastic search engine that allows you to find those photographs that you like, and with a simple gesture share them in Twitter from your iPad.

You can enlarge the images and know all their data. You will also see the comment made by the author and the comments of those who follow that photo.

The Iris App interface is very simple, a menu on the left side and a very retro environment for the presentation of images.

Iris App It shows you a map with the exact location of where the images were taken and with a touch on one of their balloons, you can preview it.

Here is the video of Iris App for iPad:

Iris App It is a beautiful app for iPad with which we can follow Instagram. The view is wonderful, it's simple and we liked that retro air a lot. A pity that the images can only be displayed in a size of 600 × 600 pixels, and so far you can not upload images from the iPad, but all in time …