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Invest in a protector for Huawei P30 Pro and avoid dislikes

If you have succumbed to the charms of one of the best high-end phones, thanks to its excellent features and an impressive almost six-inch OLED screen, you will need to protect it as it deserves. And we are sure that in our next selection you will find the protector for Huawei P30 Pro that you are looking for.

Eiger 3D Glass Screen Protector

protector for Huawei P30

If you want the greatest protection, then glass is your best option to protect yourself from scratches and, in the worst case, fragments. Eiger's protector does all that. It is made of chemically reinforced 3D glass, so it is resistant to scratches and diverts the device. In case the worst happens, use a non-stick film to hold the pieces together, so that there are no glass fragments left on the fingers. Eiger states that the installation is easy and that the clarity of the screen is not affected. However, it is worth noting that it is not the cheapest protector that exists, and that you can get similar protectors for less money if you have a limited budget.

Olixar Film Screen Protector Twin Pack

protector for huawei p30 olixar best pro screen protectors 720x720

Tempered glass protectors are thin, but it can be difficult to forget that they are there, except the thinnest ones. Flexible film protectors are even thinner and are a good option if you want something that is not noticeable and invisible. This Olixar protector is made of a scratch-resistant film that is easy to apply and should provide basic protection against scratches, fingerprints and dirt. Unfortunately, it does not have the same strong protection as a glass protector, so it is less useful against falls and other direct threats, but still provides good daily protection. It comes in a double package to give it more value.

RhinoShield Impact Flex Screen Protector

protector for huawei p30 rhinoshield best pro screen protectors 720x720

Film protectors can protect more, if you are willing to pay a little more. RhinoShield offers quite impressive features in its Impact Flex screen protectors, including its ability to withstand four times more impact energy than Gorilla Glass 3 glass, despite having a thickness of little more than that of a sheet of paper. It is made of ShockSpread, a material that RhinoShield claims to resist impacts of up to 3.5 meters, is resistant to scratches and fingerprints and is easy to keep clean. It is an impressive set of features, but is priced much higher than most other flexible film protectors. Even so, if you want the best of both worlds, this is a great screen protector for your Huawei P30 Pro.

Qosea Ultra-thin Glass Protector

protector for huawei p30 qoosea best pro screen protectors 720x720

There are also good options if you don't need to spend a lot of money. This Qosea tempered glass screen protector is made of 9H glass, so it is scratch resistant and should provide good protection against impacts and scratches. There is a layer of hydrophobic and oleophobic screen that protects against fingerprints and other dirt, and the fact that it is made of glass means that you retain that ?sensation of authentic glass? while using the phone.

JBAO Easy Install Film Protector Triple Pack

protector for huawei p30 jbao best pro screen protectors 720x720

Screen protectors can be difficult to install, but they don't have to be. If you're worried about installing a protector, this JBAO movie model comes with an installation tray that will help you align it perfectly. Even if you spoil it, it is a triple package, so you can try again easily. Being made of film, it is not as protective as glass, but still provides good scratch resistance, a clear visual experience and protection against dirt and fingerprints. Best of all, it is a bargain.

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