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I can't play Minecraft Earth on Android, how do I fix it?

I can't play Minecraft Earth in Android solutions

If you have downloaded the new Minecraft augmented reality game in your mobile and you were experiencing problems when playing, this article will be very helpful. Here we will show you how to solve all those problems that are present within this game for Android.

Minecraft Earth closes alone? This is how you can solve it

It is important to mention that this problem is very different from the one that causes Minecraft Earth not to pass the loading screen, because there are other causes that cause the game to close suddenly. If you have downloaded the game and it closes alone, you must do the following to be able to solve it:

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  • The first thing you should do is Enter the settings of your smartphone. Once there, you'll have to enter Apps and notifications.
  • Enter in Minecraft earth.
  • Click on the option of Storage.
  • Finally, hit the button that says Free storage space.

This what will be erase all data stored by Minecraft Earth on your mobile. When you reopen the game, you will have to log in again with your account, that is, the progress you have had so far will not be deleted, because all that data is saved on the servers of the video game.

Minecraft Earth does not connect to servers?

Although this problem is very common in this type of augmented reality games, Pokmon GO and Harry Potter Wizards Unite have had it, there is a very simple solution to carry out that forces Minecraft Earth to connect to the game servers.

Yes Minecraft Earth is losing connection, or the game cannot connect to the mobile data of your telephone service, you should do the following:

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  • Within Your mobile settings, you should click on the option that says Apps and notifications.
  • Therefore, you will have to click on Minecraft earth.
  • Enter the option that says Data usage.
  • Finally, activate the options Background data and Use of unrestricted data.

It is worth clarifying that this will make the game consume more mobile data at the time of execution. Of course, by doing this you can solve the problem that causes Minecraft Earth to not connect to the Internet.

Can't you install Minecraft Earth? Download another version

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If your problem is foreign to the game, that is, you cannot install the version found in the Play Store Android, because the solution to this problem is much simpler than you think.

As with many of the games that come out for Android phones, it is possible to download them outside the Google app store. Of course, to be able to install them from other media it is necessary to know how to install applications in APK format.

If you don't know how to do it, here we explain step by step how to install APK files. Enter this link and follow all the steps to be able to install Minecraft Earth on your mobile device. Once you know how to carry out this process, you should download the game from the link below.

to download | Minecraft Earth APK

If you still can't play Minecraft Earth from your phone, we recommend you wait for the developers to launch an update to solve those problems. For now, these tips we gave you here are the only ones that work. If you know of any other solution, leave us a message to add it to the article.