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How to sign documents with signature and stamp from your Android

The mobile is a very important tool in our work, and signing documents is a task that can be useful. We teach you to sign documents, create your own stamp and stamp it in PDF files. The process may seem complicated, but it takes very little time to master it.

How to sign PDF documents on Android

Most documents to sign are usually in PDF format, so we will need an application that is capable of opening and editing PDFs. In Google Play there are many alternatives, some free and some paid.

We can sign any PDF document that you send us by email or download from the cloud. Keep in mind that from the mobile we can scan documents to sign them from that same device (although in this situation you can also sign before scanning, it is already up to you) and send them to any other user.

The simplest application to sign a document is the Adobe Reader PDF reader itself. Having downloaded the application, we must follow the following steps:

  1. We open a PDF with Adobe Reader.
  2. Click on the floating button at the bottom right. We select Fill in and sign.
  3. A lower menu will appear. Select the pen and you will have the possibility to create your signature.
  4. Draw your signature.
  5. You can now insert the signature.

In addition to Adobe Reader, there are very good applications to sign as Docusign or OfficeSuite. These last two allow us to sign, but they have payment options that make them more powerful.

How to create your own stamp or signature with stamp

If you want to apply a stamp for a more professional firm, it is best to use an image or create it. Most likely, if you have a stamp, it is in physical format, so it is convenient to digitize it.

To digitize a stamp the easiest is to use Adobe Capture CC, an application that we talked about a few days ago. Simply install the application and open it. Once logged in with our Adobe account we can create a stamp using the camera of our mobile or an image of the gallery.

By adjusting the parameters we can have a stamp and, even, with the editing tools we can put our signature next to the stamp and save the set as an image. With this tool we can create all the stamps we want.

Our creation will be saved in the Creative Cloud of Adobe, but from the Capture camera we can access it by pressing on the X and exporting it to our gallery. You can also upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or even send it by WhatsApp.

Sign with your stamp on Android with Adobe Reader