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How to make a graph or a table in Excel or Google Drive

Using a spreadsheet to make a chart or a graph can be very practical and the truth is that it is not too difficult to do, although sometimes it can be confusing or not knowing how to start.

In this article we explain how to create a graph in Excel or Google Drive. Obviously, if you don't have Excel yet, you'll be interested before Download the Microsoft program.

Graphics and tables are useful for all kinds of things. Viewing data more visually is much easier for most people than trying to decipher many rows and columns of numbers.

For this reason, here we are to help you so that your data and figures can be seen in a much more colorful and clear way. Be the queen or king of the meetings in your office!

How to make a graph in Excel or Google Drive

Step one

First you will have to put your data in a new spreadsheet, so open a new spreadsheet and start writing. This will look different depending on what you want to show.

Step two

Select all the data you want to show in the graph. Be sure to include the titles to know what is in the graph.

Step three

Click Insert and then in the box or graph of your choice. You can choose between column, line, cake, bar, area, dispersion or other. (In Google Drive, click Insert, then Graph and choose your style).

Step four

Now use the graphic design and diagramming tools to make the adjustments you need, such as changing row and column, title, captions and labels.

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