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How to configure the dark mode in WhatsApp Web with the unofficial method

WhatsApp still did not launch the update with the dark mode option

There is a growing consensus in the world of computer science, particularly among application and operating system developers, that screen brightness implies higher battery consumption and can also be harmful to the eye.

Since the mobile launch
Android 10 and
iOS 13, which both have their own dark mode systems – inverting colors with clear texts and cones on an almost black background – developers have been creating dark versions for their applications.

Google Chrome, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have that opaque option available, but
 It has been left behind.
Although for a short time.

According to the specialized sites, the developers of the most popular messenger application in the world are working on two different types in a dark way and optimizing their new designs before their launch in 2020.

But if you can't wait for that update to officially come out, here are several ways to get it. Of course, only in the WhatsApp Web version.


This is how your screen looks with the extension in Google ChromeThis is how your screen looks with the extension in Google Chrome

You can install the night mode on WhatsApp Web through an extension that you can apply directly to the browser.

There are two extensions you can use, depending on the browser you use.

If it's Google Chrome, the dark mode is
God Mode for WhatsApp. When you open the page, tap "Add to Chrome."

You will get the cone of a bat in the upper right corner. Press ah and voila, the screen goes dark.

If your browser is Firefox, the extension is
WhatsApp Web Plus.

Color change

Although the above options are not offered by the application itself, there is an "official" configuration that can also be useful when using the app on your computer.

It's about changing the background color of your chats. You can change it in a simple way to obscure your conversations, in a similar way – although still far – to the "dark mode".

In the WhatsApp Web button bar, select the settings tab, click on "Wallpapers" and finally go to "Solid Colors".