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How much money does Pokmon GO generate? Attention to the figure, it is astronomical!

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Today we are all aware of the success that has been Pokmon GO for Niantic and Nintendo. Since its launch, has been downloaded 541 million times, and has generated a profit of $ 5.60 per download, figures that any application in the App Store would love to have.

After its successful launch in 2016, there was a decline in users in 2017. Luckily, it was known to react in time so that Pokmon GO was not a single-day success. With the novelties incorporated in 2018, they were able to recover practically the good figures of its launch. 2019 I followed this good path, partly thanks to the inclusion of Team Rocket in the game, which helped the figures stand in months like August and September with 110 and 126 million dollars respectively. Pokmon GO has known not to let the enthusiasm of its players decline with a dynamic of temporary events that help the game does not become monotonous and linear, and so far this has worked very well.

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If we talk about figures for passes, US tops the list in terms of revenue and number of users, well ahead of the second, which is Japan and the third is Germany. If we move to benefits by platforms, Android contributes 54.4% while iOS devices contribute 45.6%.

Facing the final stretch of 2019.

It remains to be seen how to end the year this success of mobile platforms, although Everything indicates that I will do it in a good way and following the dynamics that this 2019 has had. With the novelties introduced on the occasion of the Christmas celebration, Niantic has bet hard to end the year in style. If we add to this the recent inclusion of Team Rocket leaders to the game, we have all the ingredients to continue playing a good season at Pokmon GO.