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Google offers the Moto G6 for $ 99 if you activate it on your Google Fi network


The Moto G6

Josh Miller / CNET

If you liked the Motorola Moto G6 When it launched in 2018, but you don't want to pay the $ 250 it cost, Google has an offer that you can consider, especially if you're looking for a new cellular operator.

Google, through its Google Fi service, announced a promotion through which you can get the Moto G6 for only US $ 99, a discount of US $ 150 over the original price.

But of course, there is a condition. You need to activate the device, which you must buy through the Google Fi website, within the first 30 days but Google will charge you the original price.

Google Fi is a cellular service that charges a fixed fee of US $ 20 per month for activation and to be able to make calls and send unlimited texts and then the user only pays the amount of data he uses. Each gigabyte of data costs $ 10, but if you use less you pay less. In addition, Google Fi is designed to automatically connect to Wi-Fi for free. It charges you the same for using data in the United States as if you travel abroad.

Although the Moto G6 is a good mid-range cell phone, if you prefer the latest model, Google Fi also has an offer with the Motorola Moto G7. If you follow the same conditions, you will pay US $ 249 per l instead of the US $ 299 it costs, a saving of US $ 50.

In both cases, Google Fi limits the purchase to only one cell phone per person.

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