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Google explains why the Pixel 4 does not record at 4k and 60fps

Google Pixel 4

The launch of the fourth generation of the Pixel range has meant the first implementation by Google of more than one camera in the rear. So far, Google guys had shown as with a single camera it was possible to make spectacular shots Thanks to the process of your software.

However, this new generation has a number of aspects that users have not yet liked. The most recent, and of which Google itself has bothered to justify, we find that it is not possible to record videos in 4k quality at 60 fps. The reason, we explain it below.

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According to the company itself, the Google Pixel 4 allows us to record videos in 4k quality at 30 fps, since most users record videos at 1080, so they have focused their efforts on offering the best possible quality in this recording mode Of video. As the Google guys clarify, A video in 4k quality recorded at 60 fps can take up to half a GB of space.

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Rather it sounds like a cheap excuse. Google could offer the 128GB base model instead of the same 64GB that Apple offers in the most basic version, a rachanería that is complicated to understand. In addition, with the new Pixel range, the Google guys have stopped offering free storage for free as if they had offered with the three generations of Pixel.

In addition, another reason for not offering this recording quality is likely due to the fact that the device does not have enough power to offer quality and fluidity acceptable, for what it is in these cases, it is better not to offer it even if it is a reason for users looking for this recording option to discard it directly.

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