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Future Apple AirPods will more accurately detect its use

At Apple they are aware of the great competition you have in the segment of independent wireless headphones, where there are many companies that launch models that are interesting. That is why not long ago he put the Apple AirPods Pro, which include new options such as noise cancellation. Well, the next generation will have as one of its novelties a better detection of use.

Specifically, what will be done is to offer what is necessary so that it is known with complete accuracy if the headphones we are talking about are placed in the ear of the user so that, in this way, they can be activated or deactivated as appropriate. This, which is now done with solvency, happen to have almost a surgical precision, since a new element will be included in the accessory specifically designed for it: a air pressure sensor.

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This new component measure the amount of air in the ear canal, so you will know specifically when the future Apple AirPods are in use and, therefore, if you start with the reproductions or stop them (you can even establish if the headphones should be turned off). Therefore, the accuracy in this section will be increased and without not at all get off in quality of use or that the user has an experience inferior to the one currently offered by the signature device. It doesn't seem like a bad idea, really, and surely additional features are improved.

Other possible uses of the new Apple AirPods sensor

Well, knowing the Cupertino company is sure to take advantage of the inclusion of the new hardware element to increase aid that are offered when using your independent wireless headphones. So, for example, you can get a little one of the two elements that make up the Apple AirPods to stop reproductions no need to remove them completely from the ear – something that can be very useful when talking to someone who is in the street.

In addition, by detecting the correct location of the headphones, due to the use of the air pressure sensor, it will be possible to know if this is well placed and, therefore, if all the functions they take full advantage such as the noise cancellation. By the way, the American firm has already obtained the corresponding patent for this option, so its implementation is only a matter of time (and it remains to be seen if the next generation of Apple AirPods already offers this possibility).

Apple patent for Apple AirPods

A final detail: it seems that this new hardware could also reach products of Beats, which are owned by the firm led by Tim Cook, so apart from the future Apple AirPods the sensor will be an option present in other models of headphones.

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