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Copywriting secrets to create ads on social networks

CopywritingImage: Bigstock

The average conversion rate on social networks barely reaches 0.71 percent.

Copywriting can be a key tool to trigger conversions.

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According to AdWeek, the average conversion rate in social networks is considered low, it barely reaches 0.71 percent while in search engines it reaches 1.95 percent and in email campaigns the percentage goes up to 3.1. However, for brands and companies, social platforms represent a key space from which to also achieve results, so it is necessary for many to undertake efforts that allow them to achieve conversions. By the way, here are some recommendations for developing copywriting to create ads that convert.

If you want to boost the ads that generate conversions, it?s worth following these copywriting keys to create ads shared by AdExpresso:

Do not forget the mobile section

As the first of the secrets of copywriting to create ads you have to not forget the mobile section.

According to the source, many people create ads for their campaigns, however, they never take into account a preview of how they will look on mobile devices. As you can understand, this represents a serious error, especially on platforms such as Facebook, which recently adjusted the proportions of the ads implying that visibility can be affected if the new established sizes are not respected.

To highlight the importance that the mobile section currently has, it is enough to take into account that more than 90 percent of the income that Facebook receives come from advertising on mobile devices because a large part of the users access the social network from these teams.

When thinking about ads for mobile devices it is necessary to keep in mind that there are only 3 lines of text available before the option to continue reading in the ad appears, so you should consider what is going to be written.

With the above in mind, it is worth highlighting first the most interesting aspects or the most persuasive information. Make sure that the first line speaks to the needs of the user and his pain points.

Use short headings

As the second of the keys for copywriting to create ads, this point refers to the need to identify that element that the brand wants people to take away from an ad. Whether it is the point of the product for the offer, you should leverage these aspects in the header and remember once again to keep it focused on the pain point that is being attempted for consumers.

According to the source, when it comes to headings, it is ideal to keep them short and direct to the point because there is little space to make things clear.

When working in this way it is important to emphasize that more information can be addressed within the copy of the ad as such in case there are inconveniences to make everything clear.

Leverage stories

The third secret of copywriting to create ads, linked to the development of stories, highlights that these can be extremely powerful, are memorable and help brands and companies to make clear the points they want to establish.