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Black Shark 2: Unboxing of the Xiaomi cell phone for gamers – Video

Yao Ming is still betting devices for video games with this cell phone the Blackburn two that is already available and we will be boxing without seeing what we find inside your home.
And we started taking out the phone in its box on that occasion it stands out they don't have a tape had something protective. To indicate that it is totally.
The first thing we find is a legend that says it is charging or how well the device somehow to show you that it is a device focused on video games.
We put next and continue now with the phone that is covered with a plastic as usual. Which we will not remove to meet him. Better.
Device. Plastic beside.
In a way, the phone looks a lot like the previous one with an edge that says green ice cream that looks very attractive and apart from this the back also wants to simulate an X and also shows great resistance.
We are going to turn it on now and place it a moment to the side to continue opening the box look at what we find inside in three attacks we go to sides as we find. More interesting. We hope it is probably the cover. We managed to open the box.
We have here first the tools that allow you to access the card slot without and now we find the cover that is more attractive than the previous ones now has a little more design and is as flexible as possible with the transparent plastic.
We placed orally we continue with the manuals that show a little information about the device.
It seems that they are sent in Chinese because from there comes this device directly is not currently available for the United States but only a few markets.
More general information of the device that I have no idea what unleashed is with the nineties but good interesting to see the phone.
And we also have some labels of this one that the decals. Black jack.
I don't remember what they had before but this time it seems to me that they bring even more and much more colonies.
After this we find a charger that is larger than the one brought by the previous generation with our regular one, apparently that could indicate that it has a faster load than what the previous generation also does not have a bachorz one.
We now find here two components in a one one is the headphone adapter. From Port.
Of three points five thousand meters that is the regular or traditional guests. That where the device is also charged.
We put the side and now we have here the cable to load it very traditional regular judges Judge Betty Porsche.
There are not many novelties all black plastic cables.
The black jack that does not screen six points three inches a processor as far as the eight hundred fifty-five and up to twelve gigabytes ram in this way looks a lot like the galaxy S ten cross.
Something interesting is that also the rear part we find two cameras and one of them is nothing more and nothing less than forty-eight megapixels.
This device with mention the main thing is that it is for video games. And so you can connect different controls at its ends to make it work like a Nintendo was.
That phone is available in some parts of the world for about four hundred and twenty-five dollars which makes it really outstanding.
Tenders along with diagonals to learn more about this phone.