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Angry Birds 2 introduces clans for their second anniversary

Angry Birds 2 celebrate your second year of life. He already did it recently with a fairly important update that included levels, collectibles and others, but it seems that Rovio is still partying since they have added a different novelty in the game: The clans In the purest Clash Royale or Clash of Clans style we can both create a clan and join it; besides being able to explore the one we want. This is a plus popularity that the game needs, it won't hurt at all.

Clans arrive at Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 introduces clans for their birthday

As of now, Angry Birds 2 looks like a little more to Clash Royale. You can create clans, manage them at pleasure and you can also join them. Rovio wanted to give it a different touch: there will be special challenges for the clans; that at the moment in which all the members are completed they will receive A juicy reward.

Although something must be said. We have downloaded Angry Birds 2 and We have not found a trace of the clans. The fact that they are is something that Rovio has confirmed, so we assume that the update has not yet reached our area or the version we have downloaded was outdated. Anyway, you will have to be attentive to the Play Store to enjoy the clans now.

Personally, I think Rovio is being going a little out of hand the theme of Angry Birds. It reminds me a bit of Google, launching several versions of the same app that ends up being outdated. The list of games based on Angry Birds is absurdly long and, although I have nothing against it, it is expensive and difficult to keep so many at once. And more if none of them has had the repercussion so widespread which had the first edition of Angry Birds. But well, we appreciate that the developers continue to implement additions to incentivize the community.