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AI that plays Go from Google causes former champion to retire

South Korean Go champion Lee Se-dol retired from the professional game by declaring the Yonhap news agency that his decision was influenced by the ancestry of artificial intelligence.

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For years, Go was considered beyond the reach of even the most sophisticated computer programs. The old board game is famous for its complexity, and its millions of possible configurations. But, Google DeepMind I got to change everything when I created AlphaGo.

According to Lee himself:

With the AI ??debut in the Go games, I realized that I am not at the top even if I become number one through hard efforts. Even if I become number one, there is an entity that cannot be defeated.

Google DeepMind shocked the world when he defeated Se-dol for four games to one with his Alpha Go system in 2016. The triumph of DeepMind was the beginning of a new generation of programs machine learning I was on my way and they promise to be smarter and more creative than the artificial intelligences developed so far.

Lee Se-dol was the number one player in the world in Go at the end of the 2000s and although he assured that a start defeated Alpha Go, his predictions did not come true and he ended up apologizing to the South Korean public.

On the other hand DeepMind better its artificial intelligence system in 2017 and created AlphaGo Zero, which, I ended up defeating AlphaGo itself.