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36% of consumers say they buy more than they owe because of social networks

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The facility for
buying online will also be responsible for users buying more than
who think they should buy

The youngest are
what is most tempted by online stimuli

The growth of purchases by
internet enjoys great health and keep improving if the forecasts of the
sector come true. Only last year in Spain, according to data from the
National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), were carried out
about 159 million online transactions, a figure that represents 34.8
percent more than in 2017.

Factors such as saving time and
effort, as well as the growing need to get everything immediately
influence this consumer behavior, until placing residents
of Spain as the third parties in Europe that have more facilities for
Buy or join online services.

More easily, more purchases

In fact, this is one of the conclusions of the European Consumer Payments Report made by Intrum. According to research 41 percent of consumers in Spain consider that due to the facilities they have to buy online, they consume more than they should.

A percentage that
exceeds 10 points
the European average located at 31 percent,
although Romanian and Polish buyers outnumber them with 43 percent and 44
percent respectively.

To the possibilities of buying from
any device and at any time the ease of access to
credit that allows this type of consumption: deferred payments, small credits
assumed at the time of purchase etc.

A situation that stops 54 percent of respondents show that online shopping makes it easier for consumers to access credit, which in turn worries 58 percent, because they believe that this accessibility to credits can tempt many who should not ask for them.

These possibilities become more
evident among the youngest consumers (between 18 and 24 years old) where a
66 percent show concern about the ease of access to credit from
their smartphones, which in the long run can lead to greater indebtedness with
the problems that this can cause.

The role of
social networks

As for the perception of the role that
social networks play, study participants consider in a 36
percent, which buys more than it should due to the incitement that arises
from these platforms. And if it's young people, the number increases to
48 per in young people between 18 and
24 years

A sample of the power of social networks over the
consumption that in the new generations seems to take hold, according to the data of
this report