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12 best Gmail tools to improve your email experience

Gmail is one of the main email clients available today and offers reliable features to meet the daily needs of email. However, if you are looking for more features, there are many third-party tools that can improve the sending of emails in Gmail. You can track emails, prevent others from following your emails, recover your privacy, customize emails and many other things to be more productive in Gmail. In this post, we will share the 12 best Gmail tools that will surely improve your Gmail experience:

1. is my help desk every time my Gmail account starts to fill up with spam emails. is a free service that shows all your email subscriptions in an easy-to-swallow interface and allows you to unsubscribe from them with just one click. Simply log in to with your Gmail account and start unsubscribing from unwanted newsletters .

In addition to canceling the subscription, it also gives you complete control over how you wish to receive newsletters by email. You can schedule the time to receive all newsletters and also adjust the frequency of the frequency with which you want a service to update you.

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2. Boomerang

Boomerang is basically a email programmer and tracking tool It comes with a lot of features to make the email perfect. Speaking of its main features, Boomerang allows you to schedule an email to be poisoned at any time or date, and you can receive a notification when the recipient opens the email or clicks on any of the links within. It also has a built-in AI to scan your emails and measure the effectiveness of the tone you are using, including politeness, reading level, positivity, question counting and more. It can also remind you to write an email at a specific time or follow up with a customer if you did not receive a response.

Some of its other functions include sending recurring emails, deferred emails, automatic reply and automatic tracking email. You can only send 10 emails using the free Boomerang account. Must be updated to paid subscriptions from $ 4.99 / month for unlimited access .

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3. Rapportive

If you don't like to be surprised every time you receive an email from an unknown person, try Rapportive. Rapportive is a LinkedIn add-on that provide basic information about the person who sent you an email . Gmail also shows you an image along with other details of your LinkedIn profile.

In addition, I will also show you if you have any mutual connection with them to get a better understanding. If available, you are able to indicate the current location of the sender so that you can meet them in person, if necessary. Although Rapportive also supported data from other social media channels, but LinkedIn recently deleted them due to some problems. If you use Gmail for commercial purposes, Rapportive remains an excellent option.

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4. Find Big Mail

If you have less space to store emails in Gmail and do not plan to buy more space, then deleting some of the larger emails may help. Find Big Mail is an online service that find all the big emails in your Gmail account and show them under different tags. Then you can delete emails that are no longer useful to you.