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You'll have to break your head to create your path: Roll the Ball

Roll the Ball is a puzzle game in which we will have to take the ball from one side of the map to the other. It seems simple but careful, because it has its crumb.

The puzzles are a assured success on our mobile devices. In addition to entertaining ourselves in our dead times, they put a challenge for our mind. They are a good option to spend time in dead moments, or to entertain when we have nothing to do.

And today we bring you a puzzle that has crumb. The concept is simple, take the ball to the end. But the way to achieve it is not so much, and that's where the grace of the game is.

Roll the Ball, the puzzle that will drive you crazy

The concept of Roll the Ball is simple. In front we have a kind of puzzle formed by squares. We have to move those squares so that the tunnel connect the beginning and the end. Once we have it connected, the ball will move alone until the end, completing the level.

It is not necessary to use all the boxes, although the goal is to use all those with stars. If we get the ball to connect and collect the three stars, we will get the maximum level score. The game has several game modes, although we will have to play in order to unlock them or pay real money.

Roll The Ball is available for free on Google Play. In return we have ads in the game and between levels. We can also buy tracks for real money, and remove the ads with a payment of ? 1.99.