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Xbox experts say that more 2020 games will see delays to reach the next generation

Get ready for cross-generation games and relays!

Many games were delayed from the beginning of next year to the end of next year, for example, Ubisoft titles such as Guard dogs or Gods and monsters. But that is not the end, honestly. According to some Xbox experts, who spoke in the last issue of Xbox Magazine, many of these delays occur as publishers prepare to reach next-generation consoles as well, and we haven't seen the last one.

For example, the magazine's editor, Chris Burke, says that given the number of games that will be released in March-April 2020, which are only six months from the official start of the next generation, we will probably see many of them. delayed for a few months to reach the beginning of the next generation.

"I fear that these delays are something we will see more next spring, because it seems strange to me that many titles are scheduled for spring 2020, which is only six months from Scarlett's launch date," said Burke, before add: "(the developers) intentionally keep their cards close to their chest."

I think this makes sense: in the best / worst case scenario (depending on where you are), I think we can see that it happens in a very similar way to what happened at the beginning of this generation, where we obtained many games that were of generation crossed, as well as many games that had already been released on the consoles of the previous generation, and anyway obtained improved relays in the current generation.

Basically, prepare for many more delays and relaunches in the coming months. We all know how much they love them, right?