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Whatsapp allow to delete messages automatically after a certain time

Whatsapp allow
automatically delete messages of a conversation after a period of time established by the user, with more temporary options compared to the previous version of this feature.

The feature is in the
beta version of the app for Android (2.19.348). That is, it is not yet available officially and for all users, but it will be available in the coming weeks. Previously,
It had appeared with the name 'Disappearance of messages', but now it has been renamed as 'Delete messages', as the portal picks up

That is, it is a different option: they are not evanescent messages, but a tool to delete part of a chat when a certain time has passed and is considered obsolete.

From an hour to a year

This new function will be present both in the contact information settings and in groups, which allows establishing a period of time after which the new messages will be automatically deleted from the conversation. It allows you to choose between: one hour, one day, one week, one month or one year.

At the beginning of October, the WhatsApp test program already showed the option Disappearance of messages, which entered in the Group settings a time – five seconds or one hour – after which the messages will disappear automatically.


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